Petrochemical Communications

Until today, due to antiquated analog technology, the petrochemical market has had few options when faced with temporary 2-way rental requirements.

The result was a hodgepodge of radios, frequencies, multiple repeaters and questionable operation leading to interference and a lot of mystery as to who had what and why.

Today’s Petrochemical Operator Has a Significantly Better Choice

ALLTALK is a fully digital solution with the latest technology and functions

  • Separate and Complete Trunking Radio System is brought on-site
  • Fully Digital Trunking System has capability to ‘Interopt’….(talk directly to a rental radio) company man only has to carry one radio.
  • On-Site Staffing ensures radio dispensing is managed, controlled, and monitored resulting in loss/damage cost savings.
  • Digital means VOICE-DATA-VIDEO user benefits
  • On-Site Staffing means radios are rented only for actual field usage requirements…No paying for radios that are still on the shelf.

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